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Glory to Ukraine ‣ The night will be hard, but there will be morning.

This post is not formatted in a manner that I'd usually post on my blog, but I feel it imperative to implore whomever I might reach to pay close attention to the Russian invasion and to the categorically false briefings released by Putin/The Kremlin. His lack of temperance and drive to propagate is startling. It is nothing that any American should glorify. Particularly not our leaders, former or present.

On the other hand, Zelensky has cemented himself on the world stage as a profile of leadership, patriotism, and resolve.

It's unlike anything we've seen since the likes of King, Gandhi, or even Washington; and it's equal parts inspiring and soul splitting, to consider the position he and the Ukrainian people find themselves in. It's 2022. How is this happening?

I've followed the commentary on Twitter the past few nights/early mornings (Ukraine is seven hours ahead, their major updates seem to come around 3 am EST) and it is amazing to see this small country band together. This is the first war of its kind - where global leaders are announcing sanctions and unprecedented aid in real time. And I am struck by the thought of children studying these very interactions in thirty years.

Then there are the videos of breweries halting production to make Molotov cocktails (Complete with "Putin is a Dickhead" labels), Ukrainian citizens stopping and boldly offering to tow Russian tankers (who already have run out of gas, lol) back to Moscow, the spitfire grandmother who handed sunflower seeds (their national flower) to a invading soldier (telling him that when he dies on their soil - the flowers will grow), Elon Musk activating Starlink service just hours after the Vice Prime Minister @'ed him, American veterans tweeting suggestions to civilians on the ground - like to hit the periscopes with paint-filled balloons.... The content is endless and extraordinary and like nothing before.

I said it the other day and I will remind you again - Russia has the largest nuclear arsenal in the world and is led by an egomaniac dumb enough to use it. He has subtly threatened as much several times over the last 72 hours, and that in and of itself, should not be tolerated.

Make no mistake, Putin wants to rebuild the Soviet Union and at this point, I believe he should be removed from power. It is unlikely that the Ukraine will be permitted to join NATO - and I understand the hesitancy surrounding that. But Zelensky's leadership is so eerily similar to rise (and eventual fall) of Gorbachev, that I can't help but forward my belief that none of this would even be happening right now, had we and others extended Russia the aid package he requested in the 90's. I really hope we (as in all of the allies) get it right this time. I am surprised to say this, but I think we actually are.

So for all of that, I reiterate my plea that you stay informed. Brush up on your history re: The Cold War, Iron Curtain, and Putin's rise to power. Because I can't tell you how wrong I want to be about this being a huge fucking deal for the entire free world. But uh, yeah. If not for Putin's apparent lack of logistical prowess, this seems like a huge fucking deal. And sometimes, we American's feel falsely removed from the conflict. Now should not be one of those times.

"The fate of Ukraine is being decided right now. The night will be hard, very hard, but there will be morning."

Glory to Ukraine 🌻🇺🇦


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