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Sugar Crush Costume Tutorial ‣ Chews your Racer!

We had an entirely different concept planned for this year's party, but when it became clear that Kennedy wouldn't be with us for Not So Scary, I made the decision to change our group theme, about 48 hours before the party. With an all-girl crew of four attending, the Sugar Rush Racers from Wreck-it Ralph's seemed like the perfect solution!

I figured it wasn't necessary for there to be a "main character" so long as we looked cohesive enough, which meant that instead of shopping around the costume, I shopped around the person; picking pieces based on what I was able to find in the right size, in time, versus who so and so wanted to be (I'm pretty sure this only worked because it was two adults and two kids under two; "you get what you get and don't throw a fit!" mentality to the nth.)

While the costumes were DEFINITELY the easiest we've ever done, the cars... well... let's just say I'd suggest you give yourself more than one day to make four of them.

Taffyta Muttonfudge

With the exception of the rick rack, this was totally no-sew! I just paired a hot pink dress with tights, pink sneakers, and an Adidas tracksuit. I wore white-leather fingerless gloves (somehow, every single year, I ALWAYS forget one accessory in our official pictures), and a platinum blonde bob wig.

I found a set of four plastic bowls at Dollar Tree and used them as the base for each of our racing helmets (twenty-five cents each!). Mine, Marissa's, and Fallon's were hot glued directly onto our wigs (Malia's was my favorite, but she mostly refused to wear it. (Or her wig, for that matter.... which is why I have been teaching her all about the word "commitment" in advance of next year).

For my helmet, I spray painted it hot pink (and glitter!), added marquis and dots to make it appear like a "strawberry," then created the stem and visor using a turquoise 12" x 18" foam sheet. I used a second foam sheet for my oversized collar, which I just attached using safety pins.

I made my car using one elongated box, with one side open in the shape of a triangle. I cut boxes out in the top and bottom, large enough for me to step into and pull over my waist. I then wrapped poster board, cut to size, around the edge, attached the bases of four hat boxes, and spray painted the entire thing hot pink (it required two cans to do my hat and car). I then went in and did the white detailing, then created large stickers for the number and Sugar Crush logo.

What I Would Have Done Differently

Mainly, the rick rack. I thought it would be much thicker, and it really didn't capture the look of Taffyta's dress. If I were to redo it, I would have just painted the wave on using white fabric paint. I also would have preferred a glittery dress and tights that had thicker stripes, more like her's. Again, everything you need is linked here.

For my car, instead of free-handing the whole thing, I would have used a circle stamp and a ruler (and otherwise taped off the wheel design to make it a bit cleaner). I also would have made the top "box" smaller than the bottom "box" (as my waist is obviously smaller than my hips, so it kept sliding down) or I would have just made car "fronts" for Marissa and I - because taking the cars on and off, ever single ride grew tiresome (Truthfully, I went into the park assuming we'd throw them away an hour in, but they were such a crowd pleaser that we really did wear them the. entire. party).

Jubileena Bing-Bing

It was originally my intention for all of us to have coordinating Adidas tracksuit jackets, but thanks to hurricane season in Florida, Marissa's and Fallon's didn't arrive in-time (nor did about half of Marissa's outfit, period). We spray painted her bowl candy cane red (plus glitter! Always plus glitter!) then used a pipe cleaner for the stem. I hot-glued pom-poms onto hair ties for her pigtails, and added large ones to the base of her skater skirt, which was paired with red leggings, leg warmers, jacket, and a white baby doll tee. We did not have time to do the Cricut cherries, so last minute, I printed them out onto sticker paper and slapped them onto her for the photos. This worked for approximately five seconds (kidding - it held up for most of the night, but it crinkled quickly).

I created the shape of her car using all of the Amazon boxes from our stuff (see, this theme is enviornmentally friendly, ha!) and the hatbox lids from mine. She found clear plastic candy bowls and spray painted them brown, which isn't "true" to her character's car, but made for the cutest Reese Cup style detailing! We ran out of supplies, so the "pie filling" is mainly cut up pool noodles that I spray painted red.

What I Would Have Done Differently


Also, I would have preferred the pie filling to be made out of paper mache, and maybe would have used actual wheels on the adult cars, to make them more... car like.


Malia's was the most intricate of the costumes, but even still it was super easy. For her hat, I spray painted the bowl a chocolate brown then added the pink "icing" using regular acrylic paint. Then,I glued on an LED candle, which I wrapped in thick pink yarn. For her outfit, we paired her Adidas jacket and tutu with a brown top and leggings set. I painted the stripes and polka dots onto it, using fabric paint, then added the swirls to her combat boots using bubblegum pink foam sheets.

Malia's car was already pink, so we just removed the stickers, taped out the lines, and used the same chocolate spray paint on the sides. Marissa used two hatboxes to exaggerate the size of the back wheels and added a number "7" that was for made for a mailbox. We cut up pool tubes for the candle sticks and wrapped them in hot pink duct tape. Then added plastic swirls (they were left over from her ice cream themed birthday) to the back of the car.

What I Would Have Done Differently

Well, for starters, I would have made her start practicing wearing the wig/helmet months in advance... (which, to be fair, Marissa probably would have done if I had chosen this theme more than 48 hours beforehand). I also would not have gone with a ribbed two-piece set (as it was difficult to paint on) and would have given myself time to do a few coats (and errr... the back), so it could look a bit more "finished." We cut off the sleeves, in preparation, knowing she would be hot at the parks, so in Florida, I probably would have opted for a spaghetti strap style top. I also would have found her a cheerleading skirt (we just repurposed a tutu she already had for dance) and would have added the foam detailing on the cuffs and collar, as I did with my jacket.

For her car -- I would have made the candlesticks "detachable" so that it would have traveled easier, and perhaps painted wrapping paper tubes, so they would have been lighter and more "straight." I also definitely would have added LED candles to the top of each of them, and put the numbering on the side so she could also have a Sugar Rush logo. Marissa had a great idea of using pool floats for the back tires, but the ones that came in were way too big to attach securely. Mostly, I just would have spent more time on it. WHY IS THERE NEVER ENOUGH TIME.

Citrusella Flugpucker

Although simple, Fallon's costume was still somewhat hard to pull off because it was almost impossible to find the right colored pieces in her size with such a short turn around window. For her base, it's just a plain white onesie and a purple toddler-sized tutu. I cut about half the length off the tulle, took it in a bit, and sewed purple pom-pom's to the bottom. I spray painted her helmet purple (then you guessed it... glitter!) And added pom-poms to the side as well as a pipe cleaner stem. I put her in blue leggings, with two layers of leg warmers, and a pair of sparkly purple hightops.

And I'm (definitely) not too modest to admit that her car was my pièce de résistance. It was perfect. I spent a solid 10 hours on it.... which is so depressing because I really do not have even one good picture of how detailed/precise it was. I found the car on Facebook Marketplace for ten bucks ---- it originally was fire engine red, yellow and black --- spent at least an hour removing all the stickers and scrubbing it clean, painted the entire thing purple and then added the "pie crust" color along the sides. For the filling, I also used foam balls and pool noodles. Then, with the wheels unattached, I painted them white and added all the messy-swirly color that her car had in the movie. I also had to take apart her seatbelt and make it considerably smaller, which turned out to be a good thing cause she LOVED riding in it. I assumed beforehand that she would only be in the car for a few pictures (which is why I also brought her stroller to the park) but miraculously, she sat up straight with her hands at "10-2" for almost the entire night! #dreambaby

What I Would Have Done Differently

Fallon's jacket didn't come in time, I didn't have time to Cricut the cherries and let me just say, cutting an adult size wig to attractively fit a 4 1/2 month old baby is just as ridiculous of a process as it sounds.

In hindsight, for both Fallon and Malia, I would have bought and painted bicycle helmets, then added pigtail "extensions" to the outside of them. This would have been SO much easier than the wigs/hair paint (and would have been safer for our impromptu races through Tomorrowland).

To make it less hot, instead of having her in three layers (pants, and two pairs of leg warmers) I would have cut off the bottom of the pants below the knee, sewn the purple (in this case, pink) leg warmer to the legging base, and added blue ribbon detailing.

And for the car, the only things I really would have changed is I would have paper mache'd some of the pie filling (and all of the crust).

Despite all the chaos and last-minute changes (this was definitely the closest Marissa and I have ever been to getting in a fight) this really was one of my favorite themes of all time. And to be honest, maybe the most popular with the crowd? Obviously, I wish Kennedy could have been there (She is SUCH a Vanellope!) and would love to have had a Ralph, Fix-it-Felix, etcetera - but for such a quick turn around, we kinda have to pat our own backs on this one. We both figured the cars would be such a hassle to lug around the park (and don't get me wrong, OURS were) but having something "fun" to push the girls in really helped keep Malia in a good mood (hey, terrible two's... how you doin'?) and was probably the longest I've gotten to go without holding Fallon since birth. Now next time, if I can just secretly IV Marissa some valium...... :)

Everything you need to create your own Sugar Rush Racer costume is linked on our associate page. Purchasing from our direct links funds our creative budget (and supports our cosplay addiction) - so from the bottom of our hearts, we appreciate it!

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