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Yoda One for Me ‣ How to Recreate Our Mandalorian Valentine's Day!

Last year, when our house was ran by all things Mandalorian, I decided to surprise my sweet *child* with some Grogu Valentine's Day treats for her and her classmates.

Kennedy is basically the only one who still brings treats for her friends, so the days of personalized mailboxes are behind us - but I found this adorable Grogu bucket at Walmart for under five bucks and filled it with purple crinkle paper. It was big enough to fit her presents inside, to carry the treats she brought for her friends, and to then carry the things she got back from her best galentine's home.

When she opened it up, she was SO excited to find this "snack time" coin purse to add to her Loungefly collection (alongside some of her favorite candies).

Add the matching headband and she was perfectly coordinated with the goodies we made to hand out. Anyone who knows Kennedy, knows she's known for her crazy sock collection - and since COVID put the kibosh on the exchange of most edible treats at her school, I thought it would be perfect to gift each of her friends a pair. I bought a bunch of assorted packs on Amazon and designed sleeves instead of your typical card or tag.

And since I wanted them to fit flexibly around the socks without a crease, I just used printer paper! Seriously, these ended up being the easiest Valentine's I've ever made for her - cut the strips, wrap around, scotch tape the seam, voila. And for how easy they were, they were a huge hit with the middle schoolers! Literally, a year later, her friends still will pull up their pant leg and show K that they are wearing "her socks." (Which makes me happy, cause it bought me a little more time of VDAY exchanges being "cool.")

If you wanna recreate these, I've removed Kennedy's name and made the printable available here:

Mandalorian Socks Valentine by Twin Air Signs
Download PDF • 842KB

And also went ahead and linked a bunch of sock sets on our associate page (along other cute Mandalorian items, since most of the things I used seem to be sold out). Purchasing from our direct links funds our creative budget (and supports Kennedy's Loungefly addiction) - so from the bottom of our hearts, we appreciate it!


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