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Kennedy's Poetry ‣ Dirty Laundry

In the secret depths of a hidden room,

Whispers echo, shadows bloom.

Buried beneath piles of forgotten care,

Lies the scent of secrets they eagerly share.

Dirty Laundry, tangible disguise,

Veiled in stains and worn-out lies.

Fabric and thread, entangled tales,

Unraveling in the wind that wails.

A canvas painted in shades of gray,

Unfolding dramas day by day.

Each blemish a mark on souls entwined,

Spoken and unspoken, a story defined.

Sweat-soaked collars of toiling dreams,

Bitter tears mingling with silent screams.

Threads unraveling, stitching undone,

The tale of battles fought and won.

Folded layers of forgotten sin,

Whispers of transgressions buried within.

Cloaked in darkness, secrets untold,

Unleashing tales that long to be bold.

But within this mound of guilt and shame,

The allure of redemption still dares to claim.

For dirty laundry carries tales of disgrace,

But in that vulnerability, resides our grace.

Wash away the stains of mistakes past,

And embrace the lessons learned at long last.

For in the creases of our dirty laundry's strife,

We find the courage to seek a better life.

And as we mend the fabric of our soul,

The threads of forgiveness make us whole.


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