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Kennedy's Poetry ‣ In My Dreams

In the realm of longing, where dreams reside,

There blooms a wisdom, for the heart to confide.

For oft we yearn for what we've never known,

Yet find solace in the truth that has grown.

You can't miss what you never had, they say,

In these tender words, a whisper to convey,

There lies freedom in the absence of possession,

A liberation from a destined obsession.

For within our minds, fantasies may gleam,

Painting illusions of an elusive dream.

But reality's canvas bears a different hue,

A gentle reminder of what could be true.

The heart may wander, seeking what it lacks,

But wisdom sprouts from life's ethereal cracks.

For to yearn for what's unknown, may we concede,

Is to surrender to the beauty of our needs.

In this dichotomy, where desire abounds,

A truth emerges with its sage-like grounds.

To miss the touch of a lover's gentle hand,

Is to cherish the prospect, to truly understand.

To long for the embrace we've never felt,

Is to savor the possibility that fate has dealt.

For oftentimes, in the tides of longing's swell,

Miracles appear, casting a spell

So fear not the absence, the void yet unfilled,

For in that emptiness, infinite dreams are distilled.

You can't miss what you never had, it's true,

But in the pursuit, you may stumble upon a love that grew.



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