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Kennedy's How To's ‣ Tips to Cope With Test Anxiety.

Jenny's Note: In so many ways, Kennedy is fearless - and absent a few butterflies, she's never struggled with performance anxiety. That said, she's seen me go head to head with myself a bunch these past two years, and I've tried my best to talk her through practices for success - because believing in your abilities is really nine-tenths of the battle.

Because of that, when I saw this piece submitted for review, my heart warmed right up. I know it was written to help her friends and I know it was written in light of the mechanisms I've employed. She has a shepherd's heart. (And her tips work, by the way!)


Whether you are stressed about a test, a big game or work, no one likes to feel overwhelmed, or like something unavoidable is getting the best of them. While preparing for the FSA (Florida Standard Assessment) I found it helpful to:

1. Eat a good breakfast! Not a feast but a medium sized, healthy breakfast with some grains.

2. Close my eyes and assure myself that I could do it.

3. Use essential oils (Mama got me a necklace especially for this. I like to soak it in eucalyptus and lemongrass).

4. Be comfortable: Wear a soft shirt with cozy pants or loose shorts and remember to bring a jacket.

5. And lastly, just before a section (or even if you get caught up on a problem or two) take five deep breaths in your nose and out your mouth, holding each breath for about four seconds.

Thank you for reading! I hope that these tips help you as much as they help(ed) me!

Kennedy Samaire

PS: Below are some images I like to look at, during the morning of a big day! They remind me that I'm ME! And I've got this!



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