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Late Night Dopamine ‣ This is your brain on love.

Swore she'd only daydream on morning walks

Now her strolls around the park canvas the city blocks

Traded tangled sheets in for five a.m.

Needed to shed her soul, so she’s running again

Tried self-help, therapy, medication

Yoga, kava, crystals, meditation

The doctors all say she's getting too thin

But her mind's as heavy as it's ever been

Cause at each turn, the roads merge down Memory Lane,

Took the express way last night to detour her pain

Hopped on a fast lane, bypassed neurocircuitry

Saved his number in her phone as "Dopamine”

Perhaps a mind's only fine when it pretends

Must be why it always begins again

But she wants to want to want it to end

So she spends her days reading books

And her nights writing them

Still, all the prose echos, what's done is done

In throes, solatium will never come

Cause he's just too stubborn to succumb

Could never make the right choice

Until he tried all the wrong ones



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