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Envisage ‣ A broken glance that whispers - never, ever, ever.

Imagine saying no until your resistance becomes refusal; non-negotiating and bereft of specious hints for push back.

Imagine saying no until you clear the hurdle of meaning it - versus skinning your knees and bruising your ribs, trying to and wanting to.

Imagine saying no until the tired muscles of your body and mind don’t merely consent, but grin widely; as if revived by newly born conviction. Imagine until your lips part; until your smirk turns up at the corners; until you feel your tongue graze across newly sharpened teeth.

Imagine saying no with one quick, broken glance. Imagine it whispering in unison with catwalked steps, heading steadfast, in the opposite direction. Imagine stilettos on marble slab, sauntering down an empty hallway, echoing never, ever, ever until you fade forward into the distance.

Imagine saying no until you cannot recognize the doe eyed, ardent yeses of yore. Until every single last chance vanishes like a city of tents. Until leaps of faith are antiquated; until all hope is extinguished; until the ensnared maybes, so unfamiliar, decay alongside forgotten, unmarked graves.

Imagine saying no until it excites you;

'til it bores you.

Imagine saying no until you can't imagine

wasting your breath




Envisage to sow

for where your mind goes

your heart, in tow

though slow

will follow.


imagine and

imagine and

imagine saying no.


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