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Soulfire ‣ You're holding all the aces, girl - you've just got to play your cards.

I have always been a cautious person... Someone who errs more towards toeing the water than diving in, head first. So when friends urged me to start a blog, I'd dismiss the notion with a languid, "You're sweet," thanking them for the encouragement, and offering a conversation ending, "Maybe one day."

"You already have the content."

"You're already writing posts."

"Make a political blog."

"Or a mommy/daughter blog."

"Do an event-planning blog."

"Or how 'bout a travel blog?"

"You go to Disney all the time! Write about that!"

"Just do a lifestyle blog!"

I'd nod my head and shrug it off. I wanted to; I just didn't know where to start.

But as the months passed, my head spun with ideas - thwarted mostly by this adage of a focused market: How would I streamline my content? What audience did I want? And how willing was I to compartmentalize my humanhood into a single-faceted voice box for (insert theme here)?

The truth remained, I wasn't willing at all. And the more I considered this, the more it precipitated my delay.

I'm dual-brained, and in an era so outrageously focused on facade, I've centered myself around this bewitching and prodigious concept of a life lived authentic. I cannot and will not promote the characterization of picture-perfect, two by two squares. Nor will I reduce my purpose or passion to a robotic, paint by numbers, instamom. I'm just as much an amorous woman as I am a nurturing mother. I'm no more philosophy-nerd than I am NCAA-Football fan. And I can be equally vulnerable and acerbic, depending on the day's tax. I didn't want to do just a political blog, or just a travel blog, or just a mommy/daughter blog - 'cause I care about so much more than just one thing. (And no offense to anyone reading, but in the traditional sense, I couldn't see myself doing a "lifestyle" blog, because I find them (at least the successful ones) to be overly manufactured. And to be honest, a bit shallow - hashtag ad, hashtag gag me).

So, here's to throwing out the marketing book. I will write what moves me...

From politics to poetry.

Crafts, cakes; health and holidays.

Event planning and traveling and decorating.

Fashion, fitness, food.

Childhood and motherhood.

History, parenting;

Humor, sorrow.

How-to's and how-not's.

The ups and downs; the highs and lows.

And everything in-between.

There you have it. A Life Blog. Namely mine, and my vantage of those lives I love most. Co-starring a one-of-a-kind contributor who's fifty inches of pure magic.

So go ahead. Deal us in.



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