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Warning Label ‣ The itch you can't scratch out.

A gentle warning

Before we begin

A word of caution

Before we pretend

To remind yourself At the end

Before I crawl

My way in

Under your skin

Know right now that

I'll stretch you

Stress you

Test you

And unrest you

Leave you a mess


Then catch you


Come back

Undress you

Shine a mirror

On your dark side

Learn all the parts

You try to hide

You'll be at war

As you decide

What's worth more?

My touch,

Or your pride?

You see, I'm not the one who stays

But I'm the one you won't forget

The one you wish you never met

When you toss and turn at night, in bed

You'll replay all the things I said

Regret the messages left on read

Type out apologies you can't send

Because you know I comprehend

You better than you can yourself

And all the ways you try to shelf

Your vices and your infidels

As your anger fades into pastels

And you'll hate that you can't hate me

You'll break, trying to break me

Is it a mistake? Or fate? My body?

That makes you crave to be inside me?

And why is it you can't let go?

When'd I take hold 'round your throat?

And how'd I always seem to know?

The cards you never dared to show?

So remember now

Before we start

This was always meant

To fall apart

And you'll want me gone

But once I depart

You'll realize I left

With parts of your heart

So honey,

Heed these words

Not as tout

Our differences

Will bear my clout

It won't be long

'Til you're without

But I'll be the itch..






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